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Selling your home is a complex, multi-step process that calls for the expertise of one of our team members. There are many things you will need to consider, and to help you through it. To prepare you for this journey, we listed a general overview of what to expect during this process.

Meet With the Team

Get Your Finances in Order

Don’t worry if you’re still paying off your mortgage, there are several options depending on what type of mortgage you have. However, you’ll need to talk to your lender before you can proceed.

Meet With the Team

It is important to partner with a Realtor you feel completely comfortable with. Don’t fall for the trap of partnering with the first Realtor who suggests the highest asking price. Our team members with in-depth knowledge of the market can help you finding the correct price for your home to sell and when it is the best time to sell.

Listing Your Home

Pricing your home too low or too high is not an option. Setting a fair price will attract more potential buyers and give your home more exposure. Our team member should be able to explain to you the multitude of factors influencing pricing, including competitive pricing, current market stats, and of course the estimated value of your home.

Marketing And Promotion

The next step will be to sign a Listing Agreement, which gives us permission to post your property on MLS (Multiple Listing Service). They’ll then begin marketing your home through a variety of mediums — digital and traditional — and inform other Realtor (representing buyers) that your property is on the market. Our team member can also help you prepare your home for staging.


After the hard work of marketing and promoting your home pays off, you’ll hopefully have a few offers on the table. Once you’ve accepted an offer, your seller will want to conduct a home inspection and (potentially) negotiate the cost of any repairs. Finally, your lawyer and our team member will walk you through the paperwork and legal bits needed to close.

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